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Growing Rewards

Love Gardening? So do we. 


Get rewarded each time you shop with us by joining Nichol's Growing Rewards loyalty programme.


 When you become a member every purchase gives you rewards points that will accrue and enable you to spend on selected products - exclusive to you! It's our way of saying 'Thanks for shopping with us'. And, it's completely free to join. Products selected change so make sure you check back in regularly. 

You can keep track of your rewards points online and by checking with our friendly staff in stores.


Get 'first bite of the cherry' and advanced notice on: 

  • Exclusive offers
  • Sales and promotions
  • Exclusive/new products
  • Special events
  • Monthly newsletters



How it works...

It’s easy ... And better still, it’s FREE!


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Just sign in every time you shop at www.nichols.co.nz and when you make a purchase you will automatically earn points. Instore just give your phone number at checkout and just like that, you too will be earning Reward Points!

Points can be redeemed in any of our stores in Dunedin, Invercargill and Cromwell and can be used to buy specially selected items from our Pet Shop, Garden Centre or Landscape Centre - so much choice! 

  • You will receive points for absolutely every item you buy at Nichol’s* - even if the item is already on sale! (*excludes gift voucher purchases)
  • ‘Growing Rewards’ costs you nothing! ... No cost to join; no cost to use; no annual fees; absolutely no hidden costs!
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Current Growing Rewards Products on Offer


200 points

Goldfish Flake


Chicken & Sheep Pellets


Small flower bouquet

Florist's choice, pre-made

Potting Mix

2 x 40L

Dog rope toy



500 points

Pressure Sprayer


Weed Killer


Super Garden Mix

2 scoops

Cat Tunnel



750 points

Lawn Seed


Bird Mix



1200 points

$75 Coupon

To spend instore

Join for Free!

Start earning Growing Rewards points on every purchase you make online or in stores in Dunedin, Cromwell or Invercargill. Collect points and redeem against specially selected items, updated each quarter.

Spend $1, accrue 1 Growing Rewards $

You’ll also automatically receive our Newsletter keeping you up to date and giving you advanced notice on all our events, promotions, sales and new products.

Already hold an instore Growing Rewards account but haven't logged in online yet? No problems. Just go to the login area, enter your email address and use the 'change password' link to get a password sent to your email. You can change this password once you've logged in.

How it works

The more you shop, the more points you accrue. The more points you accrue, the more rewards products these points can be redeemed against.

Points can be accrued off all products* and are automatically added to your Growing Rewards account at checkout. When you've accrued enough, you're free to use them against any Growing Rewards product in store.

*except gift vouchers, cafe purchases and Wintergardenz glasshouses.




Why Login?

Earn Growing Rewards points on every purchase you make through our online store, or come and see us in Dunedin, Cromwell or Invercargill. 

Just by logging in to your Growing Rewards account when you shop online, any purchase you make that is eligible for points accrual will have the points automatically added to your account on check out. 

Once your Rewards account has grown enough points you can spend them on our specially selected Growing Rewards products in store. These products change regularly, and with the seasons, so make sure you check back to see what's new!

*Points will be automatically added to your account and available to use within 24 hrs if you are an existing customer. New registrants will take a few days longer.