Christmas Tree Decorations
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Christmas Tree Decorations

Get creative with the kiddies this Christmas

Here’s some great ideas to create your own Christmas tree decorations using seed pods and tiny pine cones. The kiddies will love to see their creations hanging on the tree which they can show to your family and friends.



  • A selection of different seed pods and small pine cones.
  • Gold paint
  • Glitter
  • Fine wire or string/thread
  • Glue (a glue gun works well but needs to be supervised)

Christmas tree decorations

  • Make sure your collection of seed heads or pine cones are dry.
  • Paint them and then sprinkle on the glitter while the paint is still wet.  Gold and red are traditional Christmas colours but you can use any colour glitter and will still get the same sparkly effect..
  • Wait for the seed pods or pine cones to dry.
  • Cut away the stem and either glue on some string/thread, or tie on the fine wire.

Have fun decorating your tree!

Download as a pdf for printing.

Adult supervision may be required to help with this project, depending on the child's age.

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