Growing Peppers & Chillis
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Growing Peppers & Chillis

Harvesting sweet, tasty peppers and chillis requires just a few simple tricks...

If you want to harvest tasty sweet peppers and fiery chillies this summer, here are some quick an easy growing tips and tricks:


  • Provide seeds with warmth, similar to how you might sow tomato seeds.

  • Plant out in full sun – ten hours of sunshine a day is ideal.

  • Space plants out so that air can circulate as well as giving plants room to grow.
    • Chilli plants can be grown closer together than sweet peppers, which should be spaced around 50cm apart.

  • Plant into fertile, well-drained soil; watering regularly and laying mulch to retain moisture.

  • Keep an eye on nitrogen too as excessive amounts will cause leafy growth and reduce fruit production.

  • Pinch off early flowers to allow the plants to grow larger and stronger before bearing fruit.

  • When harvesting, make sure you cut the fruit from the plant – pulling the fruit off can cause damage.

  • Allowing fruit to ripen on the plant will produce the best flavour and nutrient profile.

  • Stake taller varieties so that a heavy fruit load will not damage the plant.


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