January Gardening

Keeping your garden worthy of admiration

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Summer is here and our sunny warm days are spent outdoors enjoying nature, family BBQs and, of course, tending to the garden. It's now time to be planting our winter greens and getting them all sown before months end to allow enough time for them to reach full maturity before the colder months halt growing.  

December Gardening

Mid-summer maintenance and disease prevention

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Aside from getting the garden looking spick and span for when all your relatives come visiting over the Christmas period, there are certain, more mundane, things that need to be taken care of during these lovely mid-summer days. 

November Gardening

Sowing seeds for Autumn & Winter veggies

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November is action stations for the seed-sowing vegetable gardeners. So much has to be sown to keep us going through autumn and winter and is a good time to plant your favourite summer vegetables such as courgette, cucumber, peppers, pumpkin and squash all of which need long hours of full sunshine.

October Gardening

Best time for planting out tomatoes

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Tomato planting time is here again - and who can resist the temptation to eat sweet cherry tomatoes picked straight from the plant and still sunshine warm?! At Nichols we have a all types of tomato plants: the ever faithful Money Maker, the giant fruit producers, the newer varieties, and perfect lunchbox size varities.