October Gardening

Best time for planting out tomatoes

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Tomato planting time is here again - and who can resist the temptation to eat sweet cherry tomatoes picked straight from the plant and still sunshine warm?! At Nichols we have a all types of tomato plants: the ever faithful Money Maker, the giant fruit producers, the newer varieties, and perfect lunchbox size varities.

September Gardening

When spring is first sprung

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Welcome to Spring! September marks the beginning of Spring and holds the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. This means, the daffodils start coming out, Spring blossom is abundant, the days are getting warmer and brighter, and they all contribute to the sweet, fresh spring scent in the air and all the possibilities that the warmer weather entails. Lets get gardening! 

Fruit Trees

How to grow

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Fruit trees provide delicious fruit full of health benefits and antioxidants but they can often also perform additional functions, such as shade in summer, blossom in spring and sometimes coloured leaves in autumn. Such a beautiful addition to any garden, and many can be grown in most areas, while a few have more particular requirements.

Pruning Fruit Trees

Turn an arduous task into a simple one

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If left to themselves, fruit trees will quickly overgrow and become a scraggly mess in your otherwise pristine garden. The key to keeping them attractive and productive is annual pruning - which isn't as complex or scary as many make out.