Ready for a new cat or dog?

Things to consider before you commit

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Owning a pet is a long-term commitment with the average life span of cats and dogs being around 12 years.  Some dogs and cats can even live until 15 or even 20 years of age. Check this guide to see if your as prepared as you need to be...

Cats Meeting Dogs

Introducing your new cat to your family dog

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Despite popular belief that cats and dogs are sworn enemies, if introduced correctly they can actually be great friends. This takes time however, and extreme caution as dogs generally just want to play and chase cats, while cats misinterpret and get defensive and afraid. 

10 Foods Your Pet Shouldn't Eat

Some ordinary everyday foods are toxic to our furry friends

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There are a number of foods that you MUST avoid if you want to reduce potential nutritional and physiological problems with your pets. As a pet owner, its likely you have the customary animal food in your cupboards like a bag of bird pellets or seed for your feathered friends, dog biscuits for dogs or cat biscuits for cats. You'll hopefully also have.... 

Parrot Profiles

Parakeets, Conures, & Cockatiels

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Parrots can make wonderful, entertaining pets.  Large parrots tend to make a lot more noise that smaller parrots like cockatiels and all are known to be more vocal when ignored or bored, Ensure they have things inside their cage for entertainment and also spend time playing with them each as this trains them to be more tame and affectionate. 

Bearded Dragon

How to properly look after these sun-bathing pets

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The bearded dragon’s scientific name is Pogona Vitticeps. They are medium sized lizards generally 30-60cm length from their heads to the tip of their tail.

Bearded dragons are only naturally found in Australian deserts and mostly in the southeastern Northern Territory and the eastern half of South Australia. Their habitats include woodlands, savannahs and deserts.

Red Eared Turtles Care Guide

How to properly look after these long-living pets

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Red Eared Turtles are entertaining and long living pets that can make an excellent addition to your family. To help them be around for as long as possible lets first read up on them to understand more about the care required. 

Rabbit Care Guide

Cages, enclosures & food - everything you need to know

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With frequent handling, rabbits make great social and gentle pets but we need to understand what is required for their proper care and continued health. If you're looking to add a rabbit to your family here's what things you need to know...

Guinea Pigs

Basic Guinea Pig Care Guide

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Guinea pigs are timid creatures but can become social pets with lots of care and low stress frequent handling.  Read up on them to understand a little bit more about them and the care required for your future friend.

Common Fish Problems

Answers to the most common fish keeping issues

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There are the same problems that fish owners have time and time again even if they're the most diligent of carer. Read on to see what these two most common questions/problems are and how they can be fixed. 

Rat Care Guide

Caring for your pet rat

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Rats make fantastic little pets as they are intelligent and inquisitive little creatures. To fully understand what is required to care for your pet rat, read the following helpful guide.

Caring for Birds

Bird Care Guide

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Birds are social characters who make entertaining, colorful and often amusing additions to many households. Read more about them and the care they need to continue thriving in your home   

Why Desex Your Pet?

Myths vs Facts

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Dogs can start having litters of puppies at a very young age and throughout their lifetime can potentially deliver many litters. It’s important to desex your dog as soon as possible to reduce the number of unwanted animals in our communities. 

Best thing for your Goldfish

Learn how to properly take care of goldfish

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Goldfish may be just what you're looking for - bright, colourful with reasonably minimal maintenance required; goldfish are entertaining to watch and can make a great first, easy care pet. To ensure their continued health and happiness it’s important to get the basics right first.

Keep your Pet Safe this Summer

Give your furry outdoor friend the best chance to stay happy, healthy and safe

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When summer comes around following the long, cold winter, we all love to get outdoors and enjoy the sun's warmth and the associated wellbeing of feeling its rays on our backs. Our pets are no different, however, when we get too hot or feel like our skin is burning we move into the shade to protect ourselves and cool off. Don't assume that your pet will naturally have the same instinct.